Last but not least……

April 14, 2009

For what it is worth this semester has been amazing. I have learned a whole lot more than I ever thought I would. I rocked my presentation I’m impressed myself a little bit not trying to toot my own horn, but I did my thing.  I love seeing the final outcome of things that you work so hard on. This is my final blog post for school, but I dont plan on stopping I want to get into blogging more it seems cool. It helps you vent, get your emotions out, or even just say what needs to be said.  I’m feeling good man. I am super wore out but extremely excited about all that is soon to come.

B.H. – A2D


I’m really getting into the fashion thing. Its amazing how much I have learned over the course of the school year here. What am I doing now you ask? Designing, photography, and fashion that is what I am doing. I really am taking on every angle of fashion business aspect of it, the promotional aspect of it, and of course the fashion aspect of it. I feel better about it all now that it is closer to the end of the semester. I really was stressed out last week, and it kind of helped me get my stuff together. Sometimes you just have to suck it up, just work with what your given. I’m excited about the senior show as well. Last  week went well for show 1, and I expect nothing less for show 2 which I am in.

Well I’ve been really bummed out the company that normally prints my shirts have been ducking and dodging me it seems. I don’t want to beg them to help me with my future. I kind of feel as if this is a sign to look elsewhere, and just go ahead and move on. There will be no sweat off my back if that is the case. It just sucks that I cant get a returned phone call, email, or text. What is with that? Oh well no more crying about it, I just have to get on the research train and find other options. On a better note I’m really excited about the senior show stuff. It seems as if everyone came through with something. A lot of the stuff caught me off guard was pretty impressive. Well I’m off to watch presentations, and I should probably twitter that because I haven’t been on twitter since school started haha.

Almost Over

March 24, 2009

I’m almost to the end of another semester. I’m still hanging in there. I must admit I have hit a few blocks with school. I’m so excited about the future that I don’t want to handle the present. It is cool though the people around me are keeping me level headed.  School is definitely something that is keeping me humble and helping me face reality. There is always work to do, and I can honestly say I don’t think there will be less work when I hit the real world. I do plan to do what I love, and not necessarily what teachers think us as students love. At the end of the day I can look back and smile at all the work  I spilt out good or bad. Its been fun I can honestly say it has, but I’m ready for something new. It can’t come soon enough 2 weeks of more hell, and I can kick my feet up and design away. No summer classes for me at all. I want to just submerge myself in art and fashion.

Panama was probably an experience I loved, but I would honestly never do again.  Being there made me realize how laid back I actually really am.  Every where I turned there were humans screaming as if they were possessed. While I sit back with the most shocked look on my face.  I saw and heard it all, and the funny thing is these are my peers ha. These are the people I go to school with, communicate on facebook with, hell the people I associate with.  It was beyond what I expected without a doubt.  I wouldn’t redo anything everything that happen was a learning experience. I took it in, and just ran with it.  My friends I believe enjoyed themselves big time.  I never drunk so much alcohol in my life. I’ll probably stay away from it for quite some time. I would go to sleep at 6 o’clock, but wake right back up at 10 and do it all over again.  My body was done when I made it back to Chattanooga. I even caught a slight case of the flu or strap throat, but I bounced back. Panama is cool, but I got better things to do. Thanks for the experience though I needed it.

It is right around the corner. That is all I keep telling myself. I’ve been fighting with time here lately, and I don’t feel as stressed as I should be. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing. I’m still not feeling this senior year as much as I planned to, but I’m sure its a normal feeling everyone goes through.  I’ve been gathering idea on top of idea lately for shirts. I’m working on new marketing ideas. Trying to get myself out there, and a lot of people are trying to help me. I don’t want to dodge the good help while I’m dodging the bad, but its something I’ll have to work on.  Spring Break is something I’m looking forward to most definitely. The only thing is I don’t know if I want to party or chill out.  I guess we will just play it by ear and run with it. School sucks I’m ready for the real world.

Drained….Yet Excited

February 24, 2009

I’m really drained with school. Like I’m kinda burnt out with the fact that a lot of the stuff we’re doing as senior is far from fun.  The projects I do outside of class are really the only thing that keeps me going.  Don’t get me wrong I love Graphic Design, Art, etc. etc., but this stuff is burning me out.  Its just not fun at all, and I’m ready to get it over with and move on. What I am excited about though is the website it is a beautiful website I must say for starting off.  The progress I’m making with this fashion stuff is great. My girl Julie Burton aka Second Mom left me with a book to help me move right along into the fashion industry. Unlike the boring yeah yeah get to the point books we have to read in class this book has really caught my attention. I’m not a big fan of reading, but I know when I’m excited about what is to be said next in the book then it is a good book.  No more complaining though from here until April 14 I will be busting my behind…….. – Check A2D out

The Midterm is Over

February 17, 2009

I’m feeling pretty good right now. I think my midterm went decent it probably went better than I expected to actually.  I’m excited about this weekend I get to see my family sell some shirts as well as receive new ones.  My friends and family have supported me tremendously, and I can honestly say I’m not worried about the choices I have chose to make geared towards fashion.  I’ve been meeting the right people, soon enough it should be showing.  Classes are going well also everything is looking up for me. I can’t really complain, although I was suppose to go to Nashville and sell shirts but instead went to Knoxville. While in Knoxville my favorite rapper went to the boutique I shop at and had  planned on going to in Nashville. It was kind of depressing but I’ll soon meet up with him. I’ll have a shirt for him as well haha.

$1,000 buck a roos

February 10, 2009

So I finally got my shirts in this past weekend. I was quite surprised how well we done.  We’ve done $1000.00 since we have received the shirts.  I can honestly say it is a great feeling how well we have done. My roommate and I have really been on top of the selling unfortunately a few other members haven’t really been making any moves geared towards helping us. So I’m thinking I may have to cut a few people off who seem to be wasting my time, and also costing me money that I could be getting. I could definitely use a few more  sales to pick me up lol. I have presentations to do today, but I don’t feel as nervous as I should be. Oh well wish me luck.

Shirts are in…….

February 3, 2009

I’m pretty excited it about the future with my clothing line.  I’ve just got my first line of tee’s in and I can honestly say that I was pretty impressed with the quality and work put into it by the printing company. The only thing I would like to see change is the way that they print on bigger t shirts, but  I actually don’t plan on designing many more shirts for the bigger people it cost a lot more than I thought.  I’m super excited about the future I’m ready to see and start moving forward with the best progress ever.  I’m wishing it was hot outside so I could sale from the trunk of my car like super quick, but its all a process I just have to keep taking steps with no hesitation.